Hello world!

Thank you all for the congratulations because of my job update!

You are all invited to become a Contributor @ A Better World DOT Today! Just add a new line to your profile, just like I did. No job interview required, just the will to contribute!

A Better World

I envision A Better World DOT Today to be a global network where people work together to solve the world’s biggest problems.


First definition of better: The Global Goals.


  • Unite people to work together in a global network
  • Practice to be a contributor
  • Take small steps every day


You know why!

My contribution

  • Everything I learned about continuous improvement during the past 20 years
  • The visions I have about how to make A Better World a reality.

DOT Today

Big goals can be daunting. Question is what to do today…

What I did today, together with Lindsie van der Horst, is sharing the most valuable lessons we learned about continuous improvement with 14 people and invite them personally to join this global network.


Next step: plan more workshops to share these lessons and invite more people.

Back to you

What did you do today to make the world a little better?

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