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Create business success

The devil is in the details.
We help you with our solid improvement background to get the details right so real progress is being made towards strategic goals.

Strategy Deployment

Performance requires alignment.
We help you get the boardroom message to the shopfloor AND we help you get the shopfloor concerns in the boardroom.

Culture of continuous improvement

Culture change does not have to take years!
We significantly accelerate your efforts towards a culture of continuous improvement by focussing on the core concepts that you need to get in place.

Our commitment

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to help you get business results and build a culture of continuous improvement.

We will share with you everything we learned in the past 20 years!


We are committed to contribute to a world where the needs of all are met within the means of our planet. We will help you envision your contribution.

Long Term Engagement

We are committed to build momentum in your organisation so more and more people will get the opportunity to contribute.

How we help

Get to know eachother

In the first stages of our engagement we want to get to know you and your organisation. We want to learn about you, your people, your company, your journey so far and the improvement topics that you have in mind. We may do some preliminary research or use assessments to complete the picture. Ofcourse we will also clarify our approach so you feel comfortable enough to proceed.

Engaging management

In the next phase we introduce the core concepts of our approach. Depending on the size of your organisation that may include all managers or a cross section of your management.

  • You will get a framework of our approach that links to the Lean history that many are already familiar with.
  • You will see the gap between your current culture and the targeted continuous improvement culture.
  • You will understand the logic behind the targeted continuous improvement culture as it is rooted in soft eastern philosophy and hard western science.
  • You will understand the changes that you as individuals and collectively need to start making.

See our two day masterclass for details.

Strategy deployment

Strategy deployment (Hoshin Kanri) is at the core of the next phase. Everybody in the organisation needs to understand “What good looks like”. Not only the good for the organisation but also the good for the teams and for each individual. It will create alignment throughout the organisation and energize people to make it happen.


Strategy deployment is the most powerful practice for the transition from you current culture to a culture of continuous improvement. And the best part is: we keep it very simple so everybody can understand it.

Make the change, get results

Now the real adventure starts! After all the preparation you are setup for an exhilarating journey towards great teamwork and impressive results. We will accompany you during this journey and give you support whenever needed.

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