Lean Leadership Cafe 20200522

Join Professor Bob Emiliani, David Bovis and Emiel van Est on a live conversation about Psychology, Leadership and Followship. May 22nd at 15:00 Amsterdam time.

David will give you an introduction to his BTFA model. A simple frame work to build understanding about neuroscience and psychology.

Bob will give an introduction to the three books he wrote about Lean’s trouble to engage senior leadership and the system of preconceptions that is at its root.

Together we will try to merge these two fields of research in a quest to find a way forward that will bring more meaningful and lasting benefits for all involved.

You can drop your questions and remarks in the chat so we can pick up on it during our conversation. We are also preparing worksheets for you to download.

If you are interested in joining our conversations let us know. We plan to invite guests as well in future editions.

You can contact us at cafe@leanleadership.eu

Live stream

Here is the embedded Youtube live stream. No need to register. Just be here May 22nd at 15:00 Amsterdam time.

Live chat

This is the Youtube live chat. Here you can enter your comments and questions. We will be able to pick up on these during our conversation.